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Sunday , October 23 , 2005

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"Heh! Very funny."
- Paul Dini
"It seems like you have a good imagination."
- Joe Quesada
"You have an interesting group of characters there."
- Mike Allred
"I saw this guy's site and he rules!"
- Jamie S. Rich
"I'm jealous of your inks."
- Nate Piekos

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Dolla Dolla Bill, Y'all.


Escapeman was born in 1996, when creator C.H. Wolf was doodling a bunch of random junk in a notebook. Originally blue with thin arms, Escapeman was later revamped for publication in a two page strip for Nocturne Magazine, and has remained the world's most lightning-bolty super-hero to this day!

After several years of self-publishing Xeroxed issues of Escapeman, C.H. Wolf began producing comics for the internet, and started a doomed medieval webcomic called Knight Club. Soon after that ended, Escapeman got a second chance at fame in his very own weekly webcomic called "Escapeman's Weekly Grind". After moving to Keenspace, the title was changed to a more vague "Escapeman Adventures" for unknown reasons.

Sometimes Escapeman Adventures is serialized. Sometimes it isn't. Ya' get what ya' get.

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Escapeman Fans are often spoken of as the most intelligent Webcomic fans on the Internet.*

"Shut up about Escman!" - SuperJoe

"A very funny comic with a really distinctive style. There are a lot of superhero comics out there, but this one manages to stand out from the crowd." - eruditebaboon

"This' a really hidden gem as far as webcomics are concerned. It's well-drawn, amusing as all hell, and it doesn't take itself so seriously that it's not a good read. If you like superhero humor like The Tick or Flaming Carrot or even Too Much Coffee Man for that matter then this is for you! Highly Recommended!" - Pharoah Bolding

"Why is Escapean not more popular? It's a very, very funny comic, updated every Wed. Ad the curret stryline kicks much bottom. Three thumbs up (Don't ask)." - Illuminati

"I just found this comic, and it is so incredibly awesome! Escapeman @#$%ing rules all!" - Nast

"This comic screams, "I should be more popular. There is no reason not to read me. Just read me. Come on." It's SCREAMING, people." - cashiavellis

*Usually by myself. (If you see your quote here and want to be noted by a different name, drop me a line!)

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